Adam Busenbark

Posted by tbdsolution on 11:27 AM

Adam is a problem-solver and critical thinker. He holds a Bachelor of Science in business and marketing from Indiana University South Bend as well as a certification in data analytics. He spent over a decade performing different roles in the financial services industry before transitioning to the field of data analysis. Adam is adept at translating complex business issues into precise questions and framing insights to make businesses more effective and efficient. Seeking to understand what keeps people up at night and gets them out of bed in the morning is central to his approach, ensuring that analyses and data products do one thing above all else: help people.

Adam Graham

Posted by tbdsolution on 13:23 PM

Adam loves helping interdisciplinary groups find new solutions to challenging problems. From the medical, psychological, recovery, and law enforcement communities to government to the private sector, Adam has gained invaluable experiences and insights that, in dialogue, can move mountains to serve people experiencing a mental health crisis. Trained as a clinical therapist, Adam has served these groups in his 14 years in the community mental health system as a clinician and emergency psychiatric services director, as well as in the roles of professor, threat assessment consultant to federal law enforcement, and international volunteer aid worker. Based in Nashville, TN, he joyfully fulfills the local obligation to be a musician, as well as an experienced trainer, presenter, problem-solver, and leader.

Amanda Slack

Posted by tbdsolution on 11:56 AM

With a master's degree in Public Health, Amanda enjoys transforming data to bring insights into focus. Amanda’s passion to help others make informed decisions is at the core of her passion for numbers and problem solving. Her behavioral health quality and utilization management experiences inform her analytical work within community care systems, giving Amanda a well- rounded perspective to simplify highly complex information vital to an organization’s ability to frame and solve problems.

Anya Eliassen

Posted by tbdsolution on 05:25 AM

Anya is a highly motivated and experienced executive leader with a strong focus on transforming healthcare through financial innovation. With a unique blend of competencies and experiences, Anya is dedicated to implementing creative financial solutions while using her background in strategic planning and efficient resource allocation to assist healthcare operations. Through her years of experience, Anya has made it her mission to improve the state of non-profit healthcare and to better help underserved populations. She strives to enhance the well-being of individuals and to advance financial stability in healthcare organizations through her extensive skill set.

Alexandria Bilbo

Posted by tbdsolution on 15:27 PM

As a project specialist, Alex employs her skills in purposeful communication, diligent attention to detail, and ability to work collaboratively with professionals across organizations. Previous experience working on statewide initiatives within health associations and public health institutes makes her cognizant of the need for effective organization, teamwork, and strategic planning. With deep-rooted compassion for those in the community struggling with mental health and substance use disorders, Alex is dedicated to meaningful behavioral health work.

Brent Zomerlei

Posted by tbdsolution on 11:31 AM

Brent has over 35 years of technology leadership experience for both private and public companies. While technologically savvy, he is also an excellent listener and communicator who makes IT understandable. Before joining TBD Solutions, Brent was the Chief Information Officer at a national telecommunications firm that operated retail stores and provided wholesale distribution to a national network of cell phone dealers. Brent has also held senior IT positions in a science and engineering firm, and a Fortune 100 foodservice distribution company where he worked closely with department and division leaders to improve IT services in their business units. Brent brings a wealth of IT experience including networking, programming, reporting, service desk, security, and systems implementation. He is known for his pragmatic approach to solving business and process issues.

Claudia Vredeveld

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Claudia holds a Master’s degree in Population Health from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a Bachelor’s degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology. In her role as a Data Science Consultant, Claudia uses data analysis and visualization to investigate complex problems and identify potential solutions. Claudia values centering people and populations in data work and finds meaning in exploring the potential impacts of an analysis on outcomes and equity.

David Dawdy

Posted by tbdsolution on 06:19 AM

Bringing over 30 years of expertise in behavioral health, David held the distinguished role of Mental Health Director for the Michigan Department of Corrections for a decade. With a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, he has driven advancements in mental health services across diverse sectors, from community outpatient counseling to crisis stabilization and youth residential programs. His leadership in managing mental health, substance use disorder, and sexual offense treatment services for justice-involved individuals exemplifies his unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive and effective care. David is also an accomplished speaker and trainer leveraging his wealth of experience to conduct transformative workshops for diverse audiences. Dedicated to reducing stigma and enhancing treatment services, David’s mission aims to empower helpers, families, and survivors with support and awareness.

Diana Bundschuh

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Having over two decades of experience as a Chief Information Officer, Diana has cultivated a wealth of technology expertise within governmental and healthcare sectors. Her broad understanding of the ever-evolving technology landscape has consistently resulted in notable improvements in user experience, security, and healthcare technology compliance. Throughout her career, she has exhibited unwavering dedication to improving healthcare delivery, driving strategic development, and optimizing leadership for IT professionals. Diana’s strength is fostering relationships while disentangling complex tech-related concepts for stakeholders.

Gina Costa

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Gina Costa is an experienced executive clinical leader with over 25 years of experience in behavioral health. She has been an innovator in growing agencies and programs to meet the needs of those they serve. Gina has developed trauma programs, designed crisis services, and been a leader in working with law enforcement to divert individuals to the needed mental health and substance use disorder care they require, as well as been an advocate for children’s services. Her attention to detail and quality is exceptional. Her teams have received multiple multi-year CARF accreditations, and she also led a team that scored 100% on over 4000 standards, which is only achieved by 2% of all agencies internationally. Gina has also been instrumental in writing and receiving large grants that have led to new and innovative services such as integrated primary and behavioral health as well as Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics. Gina is passionate about seeing the success of others.