IT Services

TBD Solutions’ technology professionals have a century of combined IT, security, and information systems experience. They provide understandable IT assessment services for non-technical executives and a roadmap to ensure technology is moving forward at the pace of change. Our team of talented technology professionals can assist in the following areas: Virtual Chief Information Officer, Leading Support, IT Auditing, System Procurement & Transition Management, as well as Data Use Services.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

TBD Solutions can supply your executive team with connections to experienced industry experts who will provide IT guidance and consultation for your organization. Hiring and retaining full-time executive IT roles isn’t always possible, develop an IT Strategy with Virtual CIO Consulting Services and have it delivered through your in-house employees or managed services. With vCIO Services, you receive all the benefits of years of experience at the executive level on a part time or fractional basis that suits your needs.

IT Auditing

TBD Solutions can perform audits as well as remediate Information Technology audits. There are multiple levels of auditing, ranging from in-person interviews with a review of policies, to the use of scanning tools inside your network to identify outdated software and configurations, all the way to a full “red-team” penetration testing. The level of auditing can be determined by the goal of your organization. Our expertise in the healthcare arena can assist you with HIPAA IT Audits if your organization requires them.

Leading Support

TBD Solutions can collaborate with your organization’s existing support services to improve the current support structures and processes. In addition, we maintain relationships with global organizations that can augment your support services to provide 24/7 support with high-tech and cost-effective solutions.

Technical Training

  • Using Data to Drive Decisions. Data-Driven Decision-Making  (DDDM) is defined as using facts, metrics, and data to guide strategic business decisions that align with your goals, objectives, and initiatives. TBD Solutions’ experts can guide you through this process using your organization’s data.
  • Security / Anti-Phishing. Cyber Threats are rising and becoming more sophisticated every day. TBD Solutions can help you with physical and logical security as well as training for your users to become more security aware. Many Cyber-attacks are successful because someone was manipulated by social engineering. We can help you set up testing and training to mitigate this risk.
  • HIPAA Initial & Refresher

System Procurement &Transition Management

  • Staff Driven Requirements Facilitation
  • RFP / RFQ Management
  • Vendor / Proposal Coordination
  • Implementation Assistance / Management

Data Use Services

  • Workflow Re-Engineering
  • Dashboard / Data Visualization
  • Meaningful Report Development
  • Statistical Modeling & Research

Managed Services

TBD Solutions can be your Managed Services Partner to help your IT services be highly resilient and cost predictable, fiscal year to fiscal year. Managed Services are a great way to keep up with technology changes and keep your organization current with emerging trends. Managed Services offerings are customized to meet the needs of your organization. Managed Services leverages tools and technologies to monitor and act on emerging issues before they become problems for your users.