At TBD Solutions, we’re big believers in “do-it-yourself”. And for many projects, that can work well.

But we also know when it’s time to call in the experts — and have seen too often what happens when organizations don’t: We get called in to help them out of a mess.

Making a big purchase decision is one of those key areas where a little guidance and technical expertise can save you tens of thousands of dollars — or more. It’s about investing in what you know well and partnering with others who are prepared to fill in the gaps.

Helping You Identify What’s Needed for Success

We all do it – think through our lists of “needs” in a key purchasing decision – only to find out it’s a mile long. Or to make the purchase and realize that we forgot several key things we needed to make sure we had. TBD Solutions has a system-based, comprehensive approach to helping organizations think through “wants vs. needs” and helps reduce the chances of forgetting a key requirement. We ask thought-provoking questions to get just the right needs prioritized.

Care and Coordination of Your Procurement Process

TBD Solutions can also lift the burden of request for proposal (RFP) development and the procurement cycle. We create timelines for response that meet your needs, publish RFPs, coordinate Q&A with vendors, conduct bidder’s conferences, receive and screen proposals, and can even identify those that are most-worthy of your consideration. In this way, we also create a barrier that protects your valuable time from being easily accessible by vendors – instead putting us in the position of coordination so that you can be in control without the pressure of facing sales teams.

  • Software Procurement
    • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics/Dashboards
    • Clinical Outcome Measurement
    • Document Management Systems
    • Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Healthcare Records
    • Financial Systems
    • Human Resource Information Systems
    • Managed Care Information Systems
    • Project Management Systems
  • Contracting
    • Financial Services
    • Human Resources/Professional Employment Organizations
    • Healthcare Service Treatment and Delivery
    • Program Evaluation Services
    • Technology Services

Examining Market Opportunities

TBD Solutions also can help your organization decide whether it’s time to buy, build or invest. Where there are prospects for leveraging new thinking, TBD Solutions is ready with a crack team of researchers, measurement specialists and statisticians to analyze marketplaces and opportunities. Within our context of doing what is best for people, we can help everyone from governmental and non-profit agencies to private equity firms examine new markets and opportunities for growth.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your next procurement.