Information is power only if it’s understood by people.

And that’s what we do: Turn information into understanding.

From having no data, changing to having mounds of it in a data landfill, TBD Solutions is uniquely gifted and positioned to help your organization turn data into decisions.

Data Use/Modeling

TBD Solutions is all about understanding and improving processes. Your organization’s processes, clearly understood, allow us to create or capture key concepts to build logical data models, turning data into information. We are skilled in multiple industries, platforms and tools to do this. Our experiences span healthcare, pharmacy, manufacturing, banking and mobile telecommunications. We help companies create dataflow that fits workflow and invent minable data cubes that, more than providing answers, aid organizations to consider new questions.

Statistics-based Analysis

Analyzing existing information is more than sorting columns, applying filters, and examining data cells. It’s about being able to apply the right statistical methods to unlock the data model’s hidden truths through current discoveries and predictive analytics. TBD Solutions has proven, graduate-level statisticians trained in the science of measurement and multiple standardized measurement systems. But best of all, our mathematicians are people-persons and have great personalities that make them fun to work with!


Information that cannot be understood is fodder, plain and simple. This gets complicated when the data is complex, and old-fashioned line or bar charts fail to capture the subtle concepts necessary for knowledge. TBD Solutions uses a variety of statistical tools and business intelligence platforms, such as R and PowerBI, to create interactive visualizations that put power in the hands of the organization to interpret in-depth analysis. From 3D scatterplots and network graphs to heatmaps and treemaps, TBD Solutions can create 5-dimensional visualizations that build knowledge. And when what’s needed is simple, we’ll even build a histogram or line chart as appropriate. (No pie charts, please, unless it’s charting how much we enjoy eating pie!)

Knowledge Services

Turning your organization into an information-reliant powerhouse can be a challenge. That’s what the TBD Solutions team loves to do! It starts with building understanding for those closest to where data is generated. We then filter that understanding throughout the key layers of your organization, aggregating and visualizing your company’s information.  Finally, we are the training wheels that ride with your team, teaching them to ask questions, get answers and take action. Our goal is to reproduce data-reliant professionals honed to forego consultants and help make your company great!

IT Services

TBD Solutions’ technology professionals have a century of combined IT, security, and information systems experience providing understandable IT assessment services for non-technical executives, providing a roadmap to ensure technology is moving forward at the pace of change. Our team of talented technology professionals can assist in the following areas: Virtual Chief Information Officer, Leading Support, IT Auditing, System Procurement & Transition Management, as well as Data Use Services.