We measure what is important to us. Measurement-Based Care Training can transform your work and practice, providing meaningful feedback on clinical effectiveness and improvement.

Building on the work of leaders in the industry, this training provides an overview of Measurement-Based Care and why it should become a standard in behavioral health. We first tackle the basic questions:

  • What is Measurement-Based Care?
  • Why is Measurement-Based Care important?
  • What implications does it have for:
    • the individual?
    • clinicians and staff?
    • the organization/program?

We provide an overview of standardized tools and describe how they are used in four primary areas of measurement:

  • Level of care
  • Functional assessment
  • Outcomes measurement
  • Symptom severity/risk assessment

We cover the key aspects of Measurement-Based Care including tailoring treatment to needs, identifying which approaches are most effective, and empowering consumers to meaningfully engage in their own care and services – all while creating opportunities to improve the clinical approach in real time based on measurement.

Finally, we provide examples of Measurement-Based Care in action and provide practical tools for implementation in your practice or organization.

Target Trainees: Clinicians, Clinical Supervisors
Applies to: Behavioral, Physical Healthcare

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