Administration Planning & Improvement

Every company’s mission and vision must be supported with an effective administrative framework. TBD Solutions leverages their extensive experience to bring structure and tools to support the back office, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Human Resources

Your company is only as good as your people. TBD Solutions has helped many organizations improve its management of personnel and processes through the following:

  • Recruitment, Screening and Interviewing for Executives, Directors, and Managers
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Job Classifications and Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluation Tools and Approaches
  • Staff Training
  • Benefits Comparisons
  • Salary Surveys and Analysis
  • Investigations

Information Technology

As an executive or director, your Information Technology (IT) folks tell you that they have a great idea. The problem is that, while you have a lot of skills, evaluating technology ROI is not one of them. Or perhaps you have a hunch that the design of the team isn’t quite right but are not sure how to make good arguments that articulate your thinking.

This is what TBD Solutions does: helps leadership interpret, evaluate, and plan for technology and staffing. If you’re looking for a firm to set up servers or support PCs, there are many others that do this well – and we would be glad to point you to them. But if you’re looking for management information system design, IT strategic planning, policy support, evaluation of staff skills, or any other C-level insights into IT, then we are the partners you have been looking for. Call us!

Quality Improvement

Too often, organizations struggle with false starts, frustration, resistance or anxiety while managing complex change.

Understanding and implementing Quality Improvement principles can be the catalyst you and your staff need to reduce risk, lower costs and improve customer experience while transforming organizational culture.

Using our proven methodologies, TBD Solutions can help you:

  • Establish a clear vision and action plan
  • Create a measure and results-driven culture
  • Meaningfully engage stakeholder inputs
  • Reduce undesired variation
  • Implement value-based improvement
  • Create a culture of quality that goes beyond compliance

Whether it is improvements in workflow, removing bottlenecks, improving clinical outcomes or optimizing productivity, TBD Solutions can assist your organization in developing the tools necessary to see measurable and sustainable results. Contact us today to learn more!

System Implementation Leadership

Similar to our Procurement services, many organizations may be lulled into believing that a large system implementation — like an electronic medical or healthcare record system, financial or human resources system — is just a matter of pulling in the right people at the right times.

TBD Solutions knows that it’s also about project management and the experience of knowing how to navigate the nuances of:

  • Communication between vendors and stakeholders
    • Thankfully, we speak the languages of business processes, healthcare, HR, Finance and IT
  • Designing reasonable test cases and processes for acceptance
  • Meaningful User Training
  • Providing a calming presence that helps people “go-live” with as little pain as possible.