Policy Research

The researchers of TBD Solutions have years of experience providing the contexts, causes, impacts, analysis and recommendations that impact people. We stand ready to:

  • Help organizations position themselves to leverage the advantage of new or revised policies
  • Inform legislators in fully understanding the potential impacts of proposed policy changes
  • Educate communities in how to better serve the needs of their citizens
  • Discover boundaries and benefits companies can use to improve offerings to consumers

Methodological and Personable

Good research requires sound methodology, a keen desire to investigate, the humility to learn, and a strong desire to become fully versed in policy context. We know because we’ve done it. Whether it was developing measurement-based community needs assessments, meeting with family members and persons served to empathetically listen or modeling financial impacts that compel policy change, research and analysis is in our blood. Our independent and objective approach includes:

  • Scholarly literature review
    • Review of existing policies and scholarly works
    • Examination of key reports and information sources
    • Incorporation of evidence-based approaches and methods
  • Unbiased assessments of need and opportunity
    • Developing well-designed surveys for stakeholders with sensitivity for reading level, culture, and dialect
    • Meeting people where they are most comfortable to engage dialog in providing their observations, thoughts and opinions
  • Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation and Impact Analysis
    • Examining available data through sound data modeling and statistical methods
    • Gathering sources of existing data
    • Analyzing gaps in needed information
    • Performing predictive modeling for fair and objective results
  • Detailed and Visually Compelling Results
    • Reading-level appropriate reports to make complex research easily understandable
    • Using visualizations that turn data into action-driving knowledge

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