Clinical and Crisis Consultation

TBD Solutions is a recognized leader in clinical and crisis consultation, serving customers in the public and private sector at the local, regional, state, and national level. We proudly work alongside crisis programs, thought leaders, and researchers, providing a broad context to help move intractable problems to attainable solutions. We value treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of your community. Collaboration and expertise enable us to assist you in measuring and improving what you care about.

  • Crisis System Assessments. Every community is unique in its history and its approach to maintaining a safety net of services. We seek to understand what makes your community unique so that we can leverage strengths and resources to build a customized solution.
  • Training Development and Facilitation. The connection between theory, practice, and learning must be woven tightly for services to have their desired effect. Decades of clinical and operational experience converge with our team, having designed trainings for a national audience and training hundreds of individuals annually.
  • Technical Assistance. Sometimes information and ideas only get you halfway there. We provide practice technical assistance to bring a vision to reality, through implementation plans, project management tools, and fidelity checks.
  • Program Development. You only get to build a new program once. From the rooms to the telephones, let us help assure proper ethical, operational, and quality considerations are included in design and development.
  • Process Improvement. From medication rooms to client throughput, we can help your organization change a problematic system to improve client and employee experience.


Consulted as Crisis System Administrators for urban and rural communities

Designed and delivered comprehensive trainings for mobile crisis teams, crisis call center workers, crisis residential workers, and behavioral health managers

Developed state policy guidelines for behavioral health workforce in Colorado and advised on crisis standards in Michigan

Conducted national surveys on impact of COVID-19 on behavioral health crisis services workforce with coverage by Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune, and Kaiser Health News