Jill Bonthuis

Posted by tbdsolution on 04:20 AM

The process was well accepted by all participants and it benefited the agency to see this congruent effort of all involved in working towards this process. I am so glad that Pioneer Resources chose TBD Solutions to provide us this assistance. It has been a great experience!

Maribeth Leonard

Posted by tbdsolution on 04:18 AM

TBD Solutions has been an excellent resource for my agency. I would use them again for any future data analytics or program evaluations

Bill Slavin

Posted by tbdsolution on 07:50 AM

I am delighted with the rapid response, customer service and thoroughness, accuracy and presentation of products I have received from TBD. I recommend them highly…

Christopher Pinter

Posted by tbdsolution on 07:49 AM

We were very pleased with the tremendous amount of effort on behalf of TBD Solutions to make our creation of a 12 member regional entity a success!! TBD provided critical leadership, guidance and mediation during a several month transition period and consistently met or exceeded all of our expectations. So much so that our participating board members were also very impressed. I would recommend TBD to any healthcare organization needing the benefit of effective project management and expertise.

Sandra Lindsey

Posted by tbdsolution on 07:48 AM

TBD Solutions provides value-based technical assistance and exceptional consultation. Their services successfully drive complex agendas and initiatives that engage diverse audiences and opinions. TBD Solutions has exceptional talent at breaking down complex projects and inherent challenges into clear, transparent and manageable steps, efficiently sequenced, that promote participant engagement in the change process. The result is a cadence of progress that builds consensus, resulting in solutions that are jointly owned and sustainable.

Dr. Lisa Williams, PhD

Posted by tbdsolution on 07:42 AM

TBD’s dynamic team provides excellent consultation and facilitation that assists in preparing organizations for the future of healthcare. Their knowledge of state and federal policy and best practices positions them uniquely to support individual organizations and groups of organizations in managing the complex challenges facing behavioral healthcare organizations today. Using their solution-oriented perspective, TBD helps organizations see opportunities within the obstacles they are facing. TBD creates meaningful connections and relationships that improve the functionality of individual organizations while mindfully managing the broader systemic impacts..