TBD Solutions passionately educates and empowers its clients about using data in meaningful ways to answer questions about organizational effectiveness. The Practical Data Use Training is geared toward executives, managers, and existing data analysts, and covers:

  • Asking Good Questions
    • How to develop actionable and analytical questions
    • What kind of questions can data answer?
  • The Language of Data
    • Nouns – What (variables, lists, tables, trees) and Where (data sources)
    • Prepositions – Relationships and Causation
    • Adjectives – Descriptions and Significance
    • Don’t Tell Lies (or half-truths)
  • Analysis & Metrics
    •  Combining datasets
    •  Limitations of data
    •  Understanding metrics
    •  Types of measures
    •  Setting Targets and benchmarks
    •  Developing a measurement portfolio
  •  Acting on Data
    •  How can data inform decision-making?
  • Making Pictures
    •  Tips for data visualization
    •  Types of visualizations – Charts and Maps and Plots…oh my!
  • Tools and Tips

From basic charts to interactive visualizations, TBD Solutions can assist your staff in developing the right visualization to tell your organization’s story with data!

Target Trainees: Persons who need to use data in the workplace
Applies to: All Industries

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